About BioScience GmbH TECHNOLOGY & PATENTS Investing our efforts in developing cutting-edge technologies is our top priority to offer
products of the highest quality and safety profile.

Advanced Thixotropic
Technology (ATT)

Allows the synthesis of a special type of cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel

Advanced Thixotropic Technology (ATT) defines how molecules included in our hyaluronic acid gel behave during and after injection, giving them the ability to become less viscous under the injecting pressure and return to their original viscosity when pressure from the syringe is released. This results in a long-lasting and stable effect of all our dermal fillers, also allowing to inject them with reduced force and thinner needles.


Smart Cross-Linking
Technology (SCLT)

Surpasses standard cross-linking process to create a cohesive, polydensified matrix

As a result of using Smart Cross-Linking Technology, we offer products that can reply to the needs of patients with extremely deep folds, ensuring outstanding efficacy and tolerability, as well as a natural look and feel.

Clinical Trials

Selection of the best procedures to produce stable, highly pure and injection-optimized products is at the heart of what we do. We follow the strictest quality and safety standards when developing our dermal fillers. In our manufacturing processes we use only the highest-grade raw material of non-animal original, obtained through the biofermentation process to preserve the natural skin integrity and allow products to distribute evenly in the connective tissue, with the minimum probability of causing inflammatory cells.

Constant Research

Constant research is key for our development and we conduct clinical trials and evaluations on a regular basis in order to test and re-confirm that our medical devices are some of the safest ones in the market. Almost 30 percent of our annual turnover is solely dedicated to R&D in the field of medical devices and aesthetics.