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IMCAS Academy Webinar by BioScience: Gluteal Shaping and Augmentation with HA body fillers


As an Elite Sponsor of IMCAS, we are thrilled to announce a new live webinar on June 15 by BioScience on IMCAS Academy. This webinar will center around gluteal shaping and augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid Body Fillers and important safety measures when dealing with injectables. At BioScience, safety has always taken precedence over everything. Our [...]

IMCAS Academy Webinar by BioScience: Gluteal Shaping and Augmentation with HA body fillers2022-05-18T06:19:51+00:00

Bioscience at IMCAS 2022


BioScience is welcoming you all to the 23rd edition of the IMCAS World Congress 2022. This year’s participation of the German pioneer will be full of valuable education thanks to our symposiums and live demonstrations by our expert plastic surgeons and doctors. Discovering what makes you unique will be the most important topic discussed in [...]

Bioscience at IMCAS 20222022-05-10T12:41:48+00:00

BioScience Participation at AMWC 2022


First of all, from the BioScience team, we want to thank every person who came to our booth and connected with us from so many countries. We appreciate this given opportunity to interact with our doctors and distributors and we hope you left our booth feeling excited and inspired. “I want to thank on behalf [...]

BioScience Participation at AMWC 20222022-04-11T11:06:13+00:00

BioScience At AMWC 2022


Innovative and educational live demos and lectures by renowned plastic surgeons brought to you by BioScience at AMWC 2022. Celebrating the  20th edition of AMWC, BioScience has invested a lot of effort in putting together a very valuable and entertaining event at Grimaldi Forum, where distributors and doctors can not only learn from international KOL, [...]

BioScience At AMWC 20222022-05-10T12:39:56+00:00

Our First Global Academy Event


Bioscience successfully held its first ever  Global Academy Event last 25th February. Our goal with this event is to provide medically enriched education and training to professionals from all around the world. This event consisted of highly educational content specific for plastic surgeons and dermatologists as well as the presentation of BioScience company and Genefill [...]

Our First Global Academy Event2022-03-03T17:09:05+00:00

The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 – Episode 4 – Recorded webinar


Our latest webinar delved deeper into getting to know the possible side effects and complications of filler injections, specifically, the Hyaluronic Acid body fillers. Our doctors addressed  the possible dermal filler complications that may happen during their application, how to manage them in the best and most effective way possible and finally what steps should [...]

The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 – Episode 4 – Recorded webinar2022-03-04T12:02:04+00:00

The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 – Episode 3 – Recorded webinar


Our latest webinar (watch full video) delved deeper into understanding the Gluteal Anatomy for safe augmentation using Genefill Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers. Led by experts Dr. Lina Triana - ISAPS President-Elect, Anatomist Professor Sebastian Cotofana (USA), Plastic Surgeon Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos (Greece), and Dr. Fabio Fantozzi (Italy), the interactive episode gave crucial insight to [...]

The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 – Episode 3 – Recorded webinar2021-12-23T13:04:36+00:00

The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 – Episode 2 – Recorded webinar


We recently held the 2nd episode (watch full video) of our webinar series where expert plastic surgeons, Dr. Matt Stefanelli, Dr. Sofia Carvalho and Dr. Piero Crabai talked extensively about hip dips, the anatomy and their modification with HA body fillers. At BioScience, we are consistently driven to empower professionals through education and training [...]

The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 – Episode 2 – Recorded webinar2021-11-24T14:41:17+00:00

Master the Art of Body Fillers with The Aesthetic Mastery 2021


BioScience Presents The Aesthetic Mastery 2021 BioScience is proud to present its latest webinar series – The Aesthetic Mastery, an educational event designed to empower professionals in the practical use of HA face and body fillers for specialized indications. With our heritage of unparalleled safety at BioScience, we recognize the importance of medical education [...]

Master the Art of Body Fillers with The Aesthetic Mastery 20212021-06-16T11:06:06+00:00

Distributor Portal Launch


BioScience is introducing a new platform of interaction for its distributors to assist them with all their business needs. The distributor portal, launched recently, is a gateway of instant access to vital documents and exclusive information pertaining to the brands, products and organization. For a seamless experience, dedicated platforms have also been designed for [...]

Distributor Portal Launch2021-02-04T09:18:53+00:00