Distributor Portal Launch


BioScience is introducing a new platform of interaction for its distributors to assist them with all their business needs. The distributor portal, launched recently, is a gateway of instant access to vital documents and exclusive information pertaining to the brands, products and organization. For a seamless experience, dedicated platforms have also been designed for [...]

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BioScience GmbH Successfully Holds its First-Ever Virtual Booth


On behalf of everyone here at BioScience, we would like to extend a big thank you to AMWC for this opportunity and to everyone who connected with us from more than 100 countries. We sincerely hope that you left our booths feeling inspired and enlightened.  This past year has pushed us all to attempt [...]

BioScience GmbH Successfully Holds its First-Ever Virtual Booth2020-11-12T14:06:41+00:00

The Aesthetic Reveal- Episode 2


As the only CE mark accredited body fillers, we recognize the importance of providing proper training for professionals before they practice. 'The Aesthetic Reveal,' a webinar series aimed to educate aesthetic practitioners on the safety and efficacy of HA fillers was thus launched. The first episode was an official success and now the series [...]

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First Live Webinar Episode of ‘The Aesthetic Reveal’ in Collaboration with ISAPS Remains Well-Received


At Bioscience, safety has always taken precedence over everything. This is why our products are engineered to be of the highest quality and maintain a positively secure portfolio. As part of this commitment, we are also a gold sponsor of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). We further recognize the immense [...]

First Live Webinar Episode of ‘The Aesthetic Reveal’ in Collaboration with ISAPS Remains Well-Received2020-11-08T05:39:28+00:00

Safe Together at AMWC Global


Book Your Appointment with us at AMWC Global Now! At BioScience, safety is our top priority and we strive to deliver on this vision not only through our products but also by ensuring the highest level of safety for our stakeholders. Up till now, we have pioneered the industry with our advanced technologies and [...]

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