As the only CE mark accredited body fillers, we recognize the importance of providing proper training for professionals before they practice. ‘The Aesthetic Reveal,’ a webinar series aimed to educate aesthetic practitioners on the safety and efficacy of HA fillers was thus launched. The first episode was an official success and now the series is due for its second episode to further shed light on the overall safety assessment of HA injectables for buttocks augmentation.

Safety has always come on top of all our values at BioScience. This can be seen in our solutions and technologies that are not only of the best quality but also include the only positively safe body product in our portfolio. To further our efforts, we ensure in-depth training and access to extensive educational support resources for our partners worldwide. To align our efforts with the global standard, we have also become the gold sponsor of one of the most prominent aesthetic and plastic surgery societies- ISAPS . Additionally,  while the world witnessed a paradigm shift, we went digital in all our networking events, training sessions, and interactive webinars, opening up a world of new and secure possibilities for our entity and our family of partners.

The attendees of the webinar will benefit from an in-depth analysis of HA dermal fillers for buttocks enhancement and also discover the value of clinical trials in establishing the upcoming procedure safe and effective. BioScience’s commitment to ensuring the securest solutions will also be signified with an insight to many clinical trials on their HA-based products that are under process. The on-screen session will be joined by top keynote speakers from across the globe, sharing their distinct medical viewpoints and further encouraging an interactive discussion on different surgical and non-surgical alternatives for the treatment of buttocks.

The attendees will hear from expert practitioners- Dr. Fabio Fantozzi, Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla, and Dr. Piero Crabai who have established themselves as specialists in body treatments with years of practice and expertise.

Also, connecting exclusively from ISAPS as our guest will be Dr. Ivar Van, a member of the ISAPS, to outline the medical protocol for ensuring patient safety.

The latest episode will air on the 18th of November 2020 at 5 PM UTC through GoToWebinar. Once registered, the participants will receive a confirmation email, and they will be able to join the webinar successfully.

Reserve your spot to witness the reveal on safe buttocks enhancement with HA filler by clicking on the link below:


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